Tissue Box Monster Feet

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Make these playful monster feet out of used tissues boxes, and let your little ones stomp around in roar-tastic fun!




Materials You’ll Need

  • Two (2) Empty Tissue Boxes
  • Two to Three (2-3) Empty Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Duck Tape (green)
  • Scissors
  • Paint





Step 1: Parent Preparation



Make sure the tissue boxes are same size and have a rectangular top opening at the top, not the side opening boxes. To add durability and to provide your monster feet with a solid base color, fully cover your tissue boxes with green duck tape. Start by taping the bottom and top (making sure to tape around the rectangular opening on the top), then continue onto the sides until you are satisfied. Depending on your child’s age, you can either prepare the dinosaur feet on your own or assist your child in the taping.


If you do not have green duck tape, you can also cover the tissues boxes with green construction paper and glue. Allow proper time for glue to dry before painting.



Step 2: Add Claws



Empty toilet paper rolls make a great base for the claws as they are already rounded. With a pencil, trace and cut six (6) triangular claws from the rolls. Cover these with green duck tape, and attach them to the lower half on the front of your dino feet. Make sure to leave a little room beneath the claws so they do not drag when your child is running around in them.



Step 3: Paint



Have your child paint a coat of green directly on top of the duck tape base. Their brush strokes will help give your monster feet texture and will blend nicely with the green duck tape. After allowing time for the green paint coat to dry, allow your child to chose their favorite color to paint the claws. The kiddo decided he wanted his green with red claws, but you can also get creative by add spots, stripes, or other designs to your own dinosaur feet.



Step 4: Play!



After allowing sufficient drying time, help your child into their monster feet, and enjoy watching them stomp and roar around the house for hours. I recommend children wear sneakers or some kid of footwear they are comfortable in before putting on the monster feet to give added walking stability.



We’re calling them “monster feet” for Halloween, but they can also be called “dinosaur feet” depending on preference.


Have you created your own tissue box monster feet using this guide? Send us a picture and we’ll add it to our Facebook Gallery!


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