Snow Painting

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Are you and your littles starting to get bored looking out at all that white stuff this winter? Need a cool and cheap activity to keep the kiddos from bouncing off the walls after being cooped up inside for so long? It may be time to bundle up and head outside to brighten up the yard with some snow paint!


Materials You’ll Need

  • Spray Bottle(s)

  • Food Coloring

  • Cold Water

  • Fresh Snow


Step 1: Prepare Water Paint in Bottles


3To make “snow paint” you will need spray bottles and food coloring. We found ours at a local Walmart (in the mini travel section) for $.98 each. Any spray bottle will do (empty Windex or spray hair gel for example), however, I do suggest to look for ones that have adjustable nozzles for stream and mist settings. I also recommend clear bottles when available so you can see the color mix inside.


Fill bottles with cold water (warm/hot water will melt snow too much) and add 8-10 drops of your desired food coloring. At the very least do the primary colors – blue, red, and yellow – so that they can be mixed later to make secondary colors — purple, orange, and green. Shake well. Spray a paper towel before heading outside to check the vibrancy of the colors. For bolder colors, add more food coloring.



Step 2: Play Outside / Paint the Snow!


Once you have your water color spray bottles ready, bundle up the little ones and head outside to the snow to play. Allow your littles to paint the backyard by spraying their colored water onto the white snow. Experiment between spray settings. Use the stream setting for fine detail, or change to the mist setting for larger areas.Watch the colors change when you mix them together. See what  happens when you spray yellow on top of blue? Does the snow turn green? Practice writing out letters or build a snowman and spray on some colorful clothes.




The kids will have a blast until they have run out of colored water or start to get too cold.  For best results, pack down and smooth out the snow before spraying.



Bonus: Play Inside!


Too cold outside to play for long? No worries. You can bring the fun inside! Lay a towel out on your table, and bring in a bowl of snow for continued play. Use baking sheets to catch the snow as it starts to melt from being inside, and mix up some more water + food coloring into small bowls (or recycle empty applesauce containers like we did) and break out the paintbrushes to prolong the activity.



To add some extra fun, give your littles a few small toys and let their imaginations run wild in their miniature winter wonderland! If there is any snow left on the baking sheets when finished playing, simply toss the snow back outside with any remaining colored water and you’re done. Easiest clean up ever!




Have you created your own snow painting using this guide? Send us pictures and we’ll share it on our Facebook page!



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