The Game of Popscotch

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Remember playing hopscotch as a kid? A simple game that can be played alone or with friends in which the players tosses an object onto a numbered space, and hops or jumps to retrieve that object before returning back to the starting point. Well here’s a fun new way to play! Bubble Wrap + Hopscotch = Popscotch!


2Materials You’ll Need

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Marker
  • Scissors



Step 1: Preparation

Using your scissors, cut out 7-10 squares(depending how much space you have for your game board) of Bubble Wrap large enough for your child’s foot.


Step 2: Add Numbers

Add a number to each square of Bubble Wrap with your marker. If your child is old enough, let them assist. If they have not yet learned how to write their numbers, let them count along with you as you write the numbers on each square yourself.


5Step 3: Assemble 

Tape each square to the ground, alternating between 1-2 numbered squares per row. It is best to play this game on a hard floor as carpets can make it slightly harder to pop the bubble wrap when playing. We ended up playing this game in the garage on a rainy day.

4Step 4: Play!

Find an object that can be used to toss onto the numbers, and your game is ready to play! Have your child toss the object on one of the numbers, hop or jump on the numbers to the object, pick it up, and hop back to the start.


This can also be a great counting game, and a lesson on taking turns with our playmates. Have you created your own popscotch board using this guide? Send us a pictures and we’ll share it on our Facebook page!



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One comment on “The Game of Popscotch
  1. Amber says:

    We did this not too long ago…so fun!

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