Apple Prints

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With Back-to-School and Autumn right around the corner have some fun with your littles by painting apples with apples!





Materials You’ll Need

  • Apple
  • Knife
  • Red & Green Paint
  • Construction Paper






Step 1: Cut Apple & Prepare Paint Station


As this step requires the use of a knife parental assistance will be needed. Begin by preparing your apple and painting station for your little. Cut the apple in half with a knife and set aside. Once the apple is cut, the knife may be put away and out of reach as it will no longer be needed.


You will also need some sort of palette to place the paint so that your child can smear their apple half into the paint. As this can be messy, I suggest using a sheet of aluminum foil or wax paper. A paper plate or extra piece of construction paper can also be used for a paint palette. Pour a small amount of red or green paint onto the palette and your little is all set to go! Feel free to draw a simple apple outline onto the white construction paper to give your child something to fill in with their paint or allow them to free paint with their apple on a plain sheet.



Step 2: Make Prints!



It’s always exciting for little ones to experiment using different tools to paint with besides using their fingers or paintbrushes. Allow your little to experiment with their apple by dipping or smearing the cut half into the red or green paint and pressing the apple onto the construction paper like a stamp to make an apple print.


Be sure to use non-toxic paint with little ones and talk to them beforehand about not eating or licking the apple that they will be painting with for this project. Be sure to keep a close eye on younger children and offer a snack before or after the project to satisfy their tummies.



Have you created your own apple prints using this guide? Send us pictures and we’ll share it on our Facebook page!



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