Halloween Hand & Footprint Art

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Hand and footprint art are some of the easiest and cutest crafts to do with your children that puts a spin of everyday finger painting. Not to mention they make excellent keepsakes and gifts to remind you just how small your little one was and how much they have grown through the years. With Halloween fast approaching, have fun with these eight (8) spooky hand and footprint ideas.




Materials You’ll Need

  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Construction Paper
  • Marker or Crayons
  • Googly Eyes (optional)
  • Wipes or Wet Towel



All of the ideas listed below are very easy-to-do, and you’re little ones will love to see their hand and/or footprints transformed into spooky and fun Halloween scenes. Although, this guide may mention the colors used in our creations, feel free to use the colors that suit your child best. For the printing process it is good to have a smooth surface to use. I some times place the construction paper I wish to use on top of a large flat book to position and press against their hand and/or foot.




1.) Classic Ghost Footprint

Paint the bottom of your child’s foot with white paint, and press onto a piece of orange construction paper. I like to sing to 10 while making sure I have the child’s complete foot (toes and all)  pressed as flatly as possible down onto the paper to get a good print. When dry, add googly eyes or draw on eyes and a mouth. Use a piece of chalk to write a ghostly greeting!






2.) Trick-or-Treat Footprints


To achieve the candy corn footprint, it is best to paint each section of the foot a different color using white, orange, and yellow paints. Start by painting the heel of the foot white, the middle of the foot orange, and top of the foot/toes in yellow. Once you do your song to 10 press onto the construction paper, flip your paper making the white heel of the foot the top of your candy corn. We did ours a little backwards, but it works either way.






3.) Frankenstein Handprint

To create the Frankenstein hand print, paint the palm of the hand and top of their wrist using green paint. Then paint each of their fingers using black paint, excluding the thumb. When your child’s palm and four fingers are painted their designated colors, press their hand down on a piece of white construction for best results. When dry, add 2 googly eyes or use a black marker to draw in eyes, mouth, and some stitches. You can also add bolts coming out of Frankie’s neck with a gray crayon.






4.) Monster Handprint

Paint your child’s hand the color of their choice, make a print, and design away! My lil’ monster decided to use one of her favorite colors, purple. The fun thing about the monster hand print, is it can be made into so many different monsters just by changing the face. How many eyes does your monster have? Or heads? Or limbs? Get creative and allow your child to make their monsters their own. We decided it’d be fun to make a five-eyed monster this time!






5.) Lil’ Witch Footprint

Like the Trick-or-Treat Feet, to create the Lil’ Witch footprint, you will have to section off areas on the foot with different paint. We used black for the body – toes up to middle – and a beige for the witch’s face – heel of foot. Apply painted foot to a piece of white construction paper for best results. When dry use a marker to draw in her green hair, black hat, brown broomsticks, and arms. Add 1 googly eye or draw on an eye and smile. Finish it off with some stars and a moon.






6.) Pumpkin Hand Prints

On a white piece of construction paper, paint an orange oval for your pumpkin. If your child is old enough and able, allow them to do this step and create their own pumpkin shape. Allow to dry for a few minutes, then paint your child’s hands with green paint and make your print where you would like the top of the pumpkin to be. The hand prints will represent the leaves and vines of the pumpkin. Using black construction paper, cut out 3 triangles and a mouth, and allow your child to glue them to the face of the pumpkin to make their own jack-o-lantern.




7.) Spider Hand Prints

Choose a colored piece of construction paper (we used orange) and draw a spider web on it. Paint palm and four fingers of your child’s hand with black paint, excluding their thumb since spiders only have 8 legs. Make one black handprint. After painting your child’s other hand and you are ready to do the second print for the opposing side of the spider.  Rotate the paper around and line up your child’s palm prints so they overlap. Add 2 googly eyes, or use white paint for eyes.




8.) Bat Hand & Footprint

To create the bat print, start by making the body by using your child’s foot. Paint your child’s foot black and make a print on a piece of colored construction paper of your child’s choosing. Next, paint each of your child’s hands black for the bat’s wings and make a black hand print on either side of the footprint – palms in. When finished, add 2 googly eyes or use white paint to add eyes. Paint 2 black triangles on the top of the bat’s head for ears. Batastic!



Have you created your own Halloween hand and/or footprint art following this guide? Send us a picture and we’ll share it on our Facebook page!




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