Captain Hook’s Hook

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Shiver me timbers! Learn how to make Captain Hook’s Hook with this easy-to-do guide and every day household items!





Materials You’ll Need

  • Plastic Cup
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Knife (*Parental Assistance)
  • Black Paint
  • Paintbrush



Step 1: Cut “X” in Plastic Cup


Every pirate knows “X” marks the spot. Begin this project by flipping your plastic cup upside down and carefully cutting a small “X” into the center of the bottom of the cup. This will require parental assistance.


When you are finished you may put the knife away and out of reach of little hands as it will no longer be needed.




Step 2: Create Hook


To create the hook, pull off a sheet of aluminum foil and instruct your little to roll the foil into a wand or stick form. Then, bend one end of the foil wand creating the hook.



Step 3: Attach Hook


Once you have your child has their hook created they are ready to add it to their cup base. Instuction or assist your little in carefully pushing the straight end of the hook through the “X” on the bottom of the cup. Be sure to push the foil in till you get to the base of the hook. This will create a nice handle instead the cup base for your little to hold onto when wearing the hook.



Step 4: Paint & Play!


Almost done! You’re last steps are to paint the cup base black, because pirates like black. If your child has a different preference, feel free to allow your child you decorate or paint the cup base any way they like. Once painted, allow sufficient drying time and play!




Have you created your own Pirate Hook using this guide? Send us pictures and we’ll share it on our Facebook page!



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