Pirate Hand & Footprint Art

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Hand and footprint art are some of the easiest and cutest crafts to do with your children that puts a spin of everyday finger painting. Not to mention they make excellent keepsakes and gifts to remind you just how small your little one was and how much they have grown through the years. Take part in International Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day and have fun with these hand and footprint ideas.





Materials You’ll Need

  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Construction Paper
  • Markers or Crayons
  • Googley Eyes (optional)
  • Glue
  • Wipes or Wet Towel



1.) Blackbeard Handprint

Yo ho, matey! Create your very own Blackbeard the Pirate with your littles handprint by using black, red, and skin tone paint colors. Bottom of the palm and thumb should be painted red for a bandana. Middle of the palm should be painted skin tone. If you do not have a skin tone paint color, try mixing white and brown. Lastly, paint the fingers black for his beard. After print is dry,  turn the hand print upside down and use a black marker to draw on an eyepatch and mouth. Add a googley eye if you have one, if not paint or draw on an eye. You may also add a few white lines to the red bandana to give it an extra pirate feel.




2.) Parrot Footprint

Polly want a cracker? Every pirate needs a trusty parrot on their shoulder. To create our colorful feathered friend, carefully paint the bottom of the foot using red, yellow, green, and blue starting at the heel, and make a print on a white piece of construction paper. Allow some dry time and paint a white circle on the heel of the footprint for the parrot’s face. Next using your child’s finger, paint a wing on the side of the parrot with green, red, and yellow paint. You may also add a brown branch for your parrot to perch on. When all is dry use a black marker to draw beak, eye, and outline.


For a simple parrot, paint the entire bottom of the foot green or red and make a print on a white piece of construction paper. Finish it off with a white face, wing, and outline.



3.) Pirate Ship Footprint

Every pirate also needs a ship to sail the seas. Create your own Jolly Roger by starting with a brown footprint for the ship horizontally on a piece of white or blue construction paper. Once dry, use paint, markers, or crayons to create the sails, flags, water, and sky.






Have you created any of your own Pirate hand and footprint art using this guide? Send us pictures and we’ll share it on our Facebook page!



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