Paper Kite

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Learn how to make and design your own paper kites with your littles in a few simple steps. Then take your kites out where the air is clear and send them soaring!



Materials You’ll Need


  • Cardstock
  • Drinking Straws (2)
  • Scotch Tape
  • Washable Markers
  • Ribbon
  • Yarn or String
  • Hole Puncher
  • Scissors
  • Stickers/Stencils (optional)



Step 1: Prepare Kite


To begin this project adult assistance may be needed. Cut out a diamond or kite-shape out of a piece of white or decorative cardstock. You may also use a piece of construction paper of your child’s choice if you do not have any cardstock available. Feel free to use a pencil or marker to draw guidelines for yourself before cutting. You can even use a ruler if you want to be precise.


Once your paper is cut, use a holepuncher to punch a hole at the bottom of your kite.



Step 2: Design Kite Covering


Next comes the fun part, designing your kite covering. Provide your little ones with an array of design tools like crayons, markers, stickers, stencils, glitter, or whatever else you may have and allow them to decorate the front of their kite to their heart’s content.




Step 3: Add Kite Tail


A proper kite needs a proper tail, don’t you think? Allow your child to chose a few strings of ribbon or yarn, and string them through the holepunch at the bottom of their kite. This is a great way for any toddler to practice their fine motor skills. Pull ribbon or yarn about half way through and tie a knot to the kite. Adult assistance may be needed to help tie the ribbon or yarn for those with younger children.




Step 4: Attach Frame


Now that your kite is decorated, you will need to make a kite frame. To do this, use scotch tape (or glue) to attach plastic drinking straws on the back of the kite in the shape of a lower case “t”.








Step 5: Attach Kite Line



Almost done! This last step may once again require some adult assistance needed to help tie knots.


Using yarn (or in our case black thread as we were all out of yarn), carefully string a piece through the straw that is taped horizontally across the back of the kite, tie the ends together so the yarn or thread remains looped through the straw, and cut any remaining yarn. Repeat this process through the vertical straw going down the back of the kite and tie to the horizontal yarn/thread. Now anchored, measure out a few feet of yarn/thread for your kite line and cut.



Step 6: Play!



Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height! Take your new paper kite outside on a windy day and play. There is no grantee that your kite will fly perfectly (or at all), but little ones will still have fun running around outside with their fist holding tight to the string of their kite and their kites trailing along behind them. A little imagination and a jolly tune also helps add to the atmosphere!




10Bonus Activity

Incorporate this project with some creative learning and discuss shapes, like diamonds and triangles.


Using a white board (or a piece of paper and crayons) draw kites in different colors and size. Have fun with it and see how many different kites you and your littles can make using triangles?


At the end, count how many triangles and diamonds you see.




Have you created your own paper kites using this guide? Send us pictures and we’ll share it on our Facebook page!



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