I have been working with children (ranging in age, newborn to early teens) for the past 10+ years in practically every setting. I’ve been a camp counselor, grade school mentor, art teacher, therapeutic assistant, babysitter, daycare teacher, and nanny (both live-in and live-out). Currently, I spend my days as a private in-home nanny for a few lovely families, as well as babysitting on the weekends and volunteering as the Assistant Girl Scout Leader to a local Daisy and Brownie Girl Scout Troop.


I love getting the kids out of the house or taking part in activities away from the television. We do a lot of art and baking projects, and imaginative play. Developing a child’s creativity is something I am very passionate about, and believe children learn best when they are having fun. There’s always new and exciting things to discover with every child!


It’s great to finally have an outlet to share my advice and some of the crafts and activities we do.  I hope you enjoy your time here! If you see something you like, please share the idea. After all, sharing is caring! ;)







Once Upon A Playtime follows along with my life as a nanny and child caretaker, while also giving you a glimpse into our latest adventures in learning. Sorted into three (3) categories, this site features all the handy and easy-to-do crafts, games, and tips for growing children I’ve discovered along the way.


Creative Learning - holds an assortment of child-friendly art projects made from everyday household items, games to create and play, and other inspired learning techniques to do with your little ones. Be sure to share the creations you and your children come up with using Once Upon A Playtime‘s guide on our Facebook page!


Ask Miss Erin, is devoted to my advice column for parents and other child caretakers. We all know raising a child takes patience and understanding. Here you will find my tips and tricks to help make everyone’s lives easier. Have a subject you need advice on? Ask Miss Erin your question here.


Kid Recommended, Miss Erin Approved! Through the years, I’ve come across many products for kids and parents. In this section, find out about some of my favorite books, toys, child-friendly materials, and more! Have a product you’d like reviewed? Submit your suggestion here.


*Special thanks to my other half, Ethan Quin, for assisting me with the illustrations and construction of this site. Xoxo